Correcting Student Time in Kronos

Summary of Policy

This process is intended to address the circumstance when the student employee has not responded to the supervisor's email notification of a timecard error prior to payroll cut-off. This process is applicable when a specific timecard error is known and can be documented by the supervisor that the student did or did not work. This process is not intended to address recurring behavior or potential instances of fraudulently recorded hours. 

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Policy Statement


Student time is recorded and saved in Kronos by the individual student employees. Student supervisors do not have access to the Kronos student timecards but review and approve the Kronos Time Detail Report listing each student employee's time worked for the previous pay period. When supervisors notice errors in a student employee's time, they reach out to the student employee (via email) and cc: the appropriate Finance Center instructing the student to correct the time. There is a short span of time for students to respond to a supervisor's email (to correct their recorded time) in Kronos prior payroll cut-off.

Example A:

A student employee's schedule typically includes Thursday afternoon, but at the last minute the student emailed to say he/she was sick and not coming to work. The Time Detail Report shows hours recorded for that date, which the supervisor knows were not worked.

Example B:

A student employee works an unscheduled shift. Time Detail Report shows that the hours were not recorded for that date, but the supervisor knows the student employee worked.

Student Supervisor Responsibilities

  1. At the end of each pay period, supervisors will receive an email from with a Time Detail Report (pdf attachment) for each jobnet position in which they are employing students. It is the supervisor's responsibility to review the Time Detail Report for accuracy.
  2. If the report contains errors: Supervisors will contact the student employee via email and cc: their Finance Center to instruct the student employee to make the necessary corrections before Noon on Monday.  *If the record needs to be changed because a student recorded hours as worked before they occurred and the student was unable to work those hours, due to illness or some other reason, the email should also remind student that hours should not be recorded in Kronos until they are working or have been worked. (e.g.: "To avoid this problem in the future, please do not 'pre-load' your scheduled hours. Only record hours as they are worked.")
  3. If the student employee disputes the supervisor's understanding of hours worked, the supervisor will work with the student to reconcile the issue. In this situation, the supervisor will contact the Finance Center to let them know the agree-upon resolution prior to payroll cut-off.

Finance Center Responsibilities

  1. Finance Center receives the supervisor email notifying the student of the incorrect time and notes which hours are incorrect for each student employee.
  2. Prior to payroll cut-off, Finance Centers review the student employee's time in Kronos.
    1. If the student has responded and corrected his/her time: No action is needed. The Finance Center should proceed to approve the timecard.
    2. If the student responds and the hours are in question: No action is needed. No changes should be made to the student employee's timecard. The time should remain as was entered originally by the student employee until the supervisor has resolved the issue with the student employee. The Finance Center should proceed to approve the timecard.
    3. If the student does not respond and makes no changes to his/her Kronos timecard: the Finance Center will make changes as indicated in the supervisor's email to the student employee. The Finance Center should proceed to approve the timecard with these changes.
    4. If the Finance Center changes time in the student employee's timecard, the Finance Center will email the student employee and cc supervisor. This email should:
      1. Notify that the student that his/her time has been changed per the supervisor's original email.
      2. Instruct the student employee to log into Kronos to review the change to their timecard in the previous pay period.
      3. Instruct the student employee to contact student employment and his/her supervisor if the student employee wishes to dispute this change.
  3. The Finance Center will retain the documentation of this change and all related correspondence according to their retention policy.
    1. Finance Center will upload into OnBase the email message(s) in a tif or pdf format using a document type of 'Student Payroll Notification'.
    2. Finance Center will add keywords for Student Name, Student NetID (will be available through a lookup) and Pay Period End Date.


All questions regarding this process should be directed to either the Payroll Office or the Student Employment Office.

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February 19, 2016


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