Employee Testing Policy (COVID-19)

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Effective Date

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Last Revised

Friday, April 15, 2022


Finance & Administration

Office of Primary Responsibility

Office of Human Resources (HR)

Summary of Policy

All employees who are working on site or approved to return to on site work are required to undergo COVID-19 testing at times and dates established by Dartmouth, when requested.

Affected Parties

All Groups

Policy Statement

Dartmouth College
Employment Policies and Procedures
Policy last updated: August 4, 2020

Applies to

All employees (faculty, staff, researchers, post-docs, and student employees).


To protect the health and safety of the Dartmouth community by monitoring potential instances of COVID-19 infection and to utilize that information to reduce transmission.

Policy Statement

All employees who are working on site or approved to return to on site work are required to undergo COVID-19 testing at times and dates established by Dartmouth, when requested.

Testing is only one method of addressing the risk of COVID-19 transmission.  All employees tested are also expected to adhere continually to all other published policies regarding the reduction of COVID-19 transmission such as, but not limited to, hand washing, wearing a face covering, completion of the daily screening, and physical distancing. An employee with a negative test result must continue to adhere to all safety policies and procedures. An employee with a positive test result must follow all applicable Dartmouth protocols and New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (NH DHHS) requirements, as well as their own state health department requirements if they are not NH residents. 


  • Testing will be administered by a third-party testing company and/or a local health care affiliate selected by Dartmouth or will be self-administered. Testing may occur prior to an employee's return to work on site, as a condition of the employee's continued work on campus, and/or at any other time at the sole discretion of Dartmouth. In addition, the College may administer routine testing through random sampling of faculty, staff, and student employees.
  • Testing costs and any expenses related to testing of Dartmouth employees through this program are covered by the College.
  • Dartmouth's testing partner will share an employee's COVID-19 test results with Dartmouth, Dartmouth's Occupational Medicine provider, and with the employee tested. Testing results will otherwise be held confidential by Dartmouth's testing partner except as required to be disclosed by law (e.g., with the applicable public health authority). Information about an employee who tests positive for COVID-19 may otherwise only be disclosed to others where necessary in accordance with applicable law.
  •  Employee testing requirements will be applied in a consistent, non-discriminatory manner in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and state and federal guidelines.
  •  Employee test results will not be included in an employee's personnel file.
  •  Non-Exempt employees will be compensated for time spent traveling and waiting for the administration of a test as well as any scheduled hours between taking the test and receiving the test results. Testing times will be coordinated, when possible, with work shifts.
  •  Failure to comply with testing requirements will disqualify an employee from working on site, is considered insubordination, will constitute an unexcused absence and, and may subject an employee to discipline, up to and including termination of employment.
  •  This policy applies only to requests by Dartmouth for an employee to undergo testing as part of an overall employee testing program. All individuals who have concerns about their own health or the health of a member of their household should contact their primary care provider.


This policy will be in effect until further notice.