Incremental Pay Spring 2022

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Effective Date

Sunday, March 27, 2022


Finance & Administration

Office of Primary Responsibility

Office of Human Resources (HR)

Summary of Policy

Dartmouth has decided to have COVID positive students isolate in place during Spring Term 2022. Given the need to directly serve those isolating students, Dartmouth will provide incremental pay for certain eligible employees.

Affected Parties

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Policy Statement

Effective period: Incremental pay, originally implemented during winter term 2022, will end on the last day of the biweekly pay period after the active case dashboard shows a 7 day rolling average (active last 7 days) to be at or below twenty-five (25) active student COVID cases or June 18, 2022, whichever is sooner.

Applies to: Any employee – whether hourly or salaried, union or nonunion – who is required, as part of their regular ongoing job duties, to either provide direct services to students in isolation or work in a location in which students are isolating.  This is anticipated to cover custodians assigned to residence halls, employees deployed to an isolation space to perform services, Student Affairs employees living in residence halls as a condition of their employment, student UGA's or Grad Resident Fellows, and dining employees assigned to provide meals to isolating students, and safety and security employees.


  • Eligibility for incremental pay will continue as was determined during Winter Term until such time as the count of total active student COVID cases is 25 or less for a rolling 7 days (active last 7 days) as shown on the active case dashboard.  
  • After total active student COVID cases is 25 or less for a rolling 7 days (active last 7 days on the active case dashboard) the program will end for all employees on the last day of that biweekly pay period. 
  • Once eligibility is ended, if case counts increase, the decision whether to establish a new program will be evaluated with the final decision made by the Executive Vice President.

Employees who are in-scope for this policy will receive:

Hourly employees:  1.5 times their regular hourly rate of pay for each hour worked in an isolation space.

Salaried employees: a stipend equal to one half of their base monthly rate of pay, prorated for the number of days worked in an isolation space.

Supervisors and managers are responsible for determining what constitutes eligible work and for what duration.


Eligible hourly employees, assigned to an isolation space by their supervisor, will have their Incentive Pay hours noted in Kronos by their supervisor. Supervisors and managers of salaried employees should work with their Finance Center to process the appropriate stipend for salaried employees in advance of each pay date.