About the Policy Portal

The Policy Portal is intended to provide easily searchable access to policies that are widely applicable to members of the Dartmouth community.  The Provost (or their designee) shall have the sole discretion as to whether or not a particular policy is included in the Portal. Individuals are responsible for familiarizing themselves with all applicable policies, whether or not they are included in the Portal. For questions regarding the inclusion of a particular policy in the Portal, please contact policies@dartmouth.edu.

About the Project

Problem statement

Our institutional policies are scattered among multiple sites including Human Resources, Student Affairs, Finance, and Office of Sponsored Projects.  Sometimes you need to search several sites before finding the relevant documents.


Provide a single "policy page" that serves as a repository for all Dartmouth Institution-wide policies.

Guiding Principles

  • Include Policies that impact the entire campus community
  • Policy portal will be searchable
  • All policies will follow a template

Project Timeline


Project Timeline

Project Team

Peter Carini

Jacquelin Carty

Jonathan Chiappa

Mitchel W. Davis

Maureen Hennigan

Tammy M. Hickox

Sean R. McNamara

Benjamin E. Morgan

Diane Travis

Daniel Veres