1953 Commons To Go Policy

Summary of Policy

This policy outlines the rules and ramifications for carrying out items from '53 Commons.

Affected Parties

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Policy Statement

Guests who eat-in may carry out a piece of fruit, an ice cream cone or a cookie.  Dine in guests may not carry out other items when they depart.

Guest who chooses to carry out must request the carry out option as their meal card is tendered.

  • The attendant will issue a carry-out container and a cup. Other containers (e.g. Tupperware®) are not permitted under the public health code.
  • Should the guest wish to carry a serving of soup or other liquid item a hot cup can be supplied upon request. No other items may be placed in this cup.
  • The guest may proceed to their choice of serving stations and collect the items they wish to carry-out with the following restrictions:
    • A maximum of two (2) entrée portions may be taken.
    • Other menu items may be selected without restriction provided the lid of the container closes properly and remains closed when departing.
    • The beverage cup may contain beverages only. All other items are prohibited.
    • If a soup cup was requested it may contain only soup or other liquid menu item. This item may be considered an entrée when appropriate.
    • A reasonable amount of time based on customer volume may be used to collect all food items and exit the dining room. This time is typically 10 minutes, but is at the discretion of the management of '53 Commons.
    • Dining in and carrying out are mutually exclusive activities. A carry-out guest may not eat during collection process; "grazing."


  • The use of excessive time, grazing during the collection process, or non-compliance with any other carry out rule may result in the forfeiture of the carry-out meal.
  • Carry-out guests who violate these policies will still have the option of taking the meal if they pay the door price for a second meal.
  • Repeated violations of these guidelines may result in a student being barred from the carry-out program for the remainder of the term.


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January 1, 2016

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March 8, 2024


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March 8, 2024

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