Bicycle Policy

Summary of Policy

This policy addresses the registration, parking, storage and abandonment of bicycles on campus.

Reason for Policy

This policy is intended to safeguard bicycles on campus, and address bicycles that are parked illegally or abandoned. 

Affected Parties

All Groups

Policy Statement


All bicycles owned by students, faculty and staff and used on campus must be registered with the Department of Safety and Security (DOSS). Registration may assist in recovery of stolen bikes, will enable the bicycle owner to be contacted, and will provide proof of ownership in the event of seizure. Bikes may be registered at (DOSS) or at the Collis Center Info Desk. Bike registration is free.

To register your bike, please bring in the following information:

  • Make (Manufacturer's Name)
  • Model
  • Color(s)
  • Number of Speeds
  • Serial Number (usually found on the bottom of the frame between the pedals)
  • Value (Either purchase cost or replacement value)
  • Type (mountain, road bike, hybrid, race bike)

Permitted Parking and Storage

At any time of day or night, Dartmouth community members may park their bikes at any of the bike racks around campus. In addition, students may store registered bikes overnight in one of the indoor areas designated for bike storage in some residence halls and clusters, including Judge, Channing Cox, and Maxwell. Bikes must not be left in hallways, entryways, access ramps, stairways or any other public access areas.

When student owners leave campus at the end of a term, they must seek long-term bike storage. Review long-term bike storage options.

Unauthorized Parking

Bikes may not be parked in hallways, entryways, access ramps, stairways, other accesses, or sites that have signs prohibiting bike parking.

Abandoned Bikes

Abandoned bikes will be tagged and, if unmoved for two weeks, will be impounded by the College. This is true even if the owner is away from campus for the term. Unregistered abandoned bikes will immediately become College property. The College will not replace cut locks. The procedure for tagging and collecting abandoned bikes is noted below.

Exclusions & Exceptions

This policy applies to all faculty, staff and students who own or operate bicycles on campus.


Abandoned bikes are defined as bikes that have been parked legally on campus in one place for an extended period of time. Bikes that show the following noticeable signs of wear are considered abandoned: a rusted chain or derailleur, flat tires, or bent tire rims.


Bikes parked illegally may be confiscated immediately and fines may be assessed.

Seized unregistered bikes will immediately become College property. If registered, the owner will be notified for reclamation. Individuals may be charged for removal and storage if they are unable to reclaim their bike. If the bike is not claimed within four weeks, it will become College property, after which no monetary restitution will be given to the owner should they try to reclaim their bike. The College will not replace cut locks.


The procedure for tagging and collecting abandoned bikes is as follows:

  1. Office of Sustainability Bike Interns will notify Dartmouth Safety and Security one week before tagging bikes on campus.
  2. Student bike interns will tag clearly abandoned and broken down bikes around campus.
  3. After two weeks, student bike interns, wearing orange vests and driving a Dartmouth College vehicle, will collect all bikes that haven't had their tags removed or been moved from the rack at which they were tagged.
  4. Bicycle makes, models, locations, tagging dates, and any other identifying information will be compiled in the Bike Database and sent to Safety and Security. A list of all Dartmouth registration numbers found on confiscated bikes will be sent to Safety and Security to determine the last owner of the confiscated bike.
  5. Student bike interns will contact the owners of any registered, confiscated bikes notifying them that there bike has been deemed "abandoned" and identifying times and locations at which bikes may be reclaimed.
  6. Owners of registered confiscated bikes will be given four weeks to reclaim their bicycles. Student bike interns will man reclaiming hours.
  7. Four weeks after contacting owners of registered confiscated bikes, all unclaimed bikes become property of Dartmouth College and are entered into the repair system. A photo of each bike is taken to document its state of disrepair.

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Effective Date

January 1, 2016

Last Revised Date

August 26, 2016


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Last Reviewed Date

March 20, 2024

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