Buildings and Facilities

Summary of Policy

A policy pertaining to a broad range of buildings and facilities on the Dartmouth campus.

Affected Parties

All Groups, All Students

Policy Statement

Climbing on College Buildings and Structures

Climbing on any College building, including the heating plant smokestack, is prohibited. Arrangements to climb at pre-designated locations must be coordinated through the Dartmouth Mountaineering Club and the Department of Safety and Security. Violation of this rule will result in an automatic fine of $50, and further disciplinary action may be taken against individuals or recognized organizations in violation of this rule.

Connecticut River Waterfront Facilities

During the summer term, swimming is available for current Dartmouth students on the Connecticut River at the designated Swim Dock located between the Ledyard Bridge and the Rowing Boathouse Dock.  Lifeguards are on duty at the swimming dock daily from 12:00PM to 7:00PM, weather/conditions permitting.

Swimming elsewhere from the Dartmouth waterfront between Ledyard Bridge and Ledyard Canoe Club, or from the Swim Dock when lifeguards are not on duty is prohibited -- as is jumping or diving off Ledyard Bridge.  Students must provide their Dartmouth ID when accessing the swimming dock.  No one is permitted on Dartmouth's waterfront docks after dark without authorization.

The erection and use of rope swings and similar devices from any College or town-owned property is prohibited.  Persons violating these rules may be subject to College disciplinary action and legal actions.

Display of Objects from College Buildings 

The display of flags, banners, signs, and other objects from the outside of College buildings without prior approval from the Associate Vice President for Facilities, Operations and Management (or designee) is prohibited.

Fire Safety Equipment 

Tampering or interference with, as well as destruction or misuse of, fire safety or fire prevention equipment is prohibited. Parking in a fire lane is also prohibited. An automatic fine of $100, plus the cost of replacement of equipment, is charged to any student or recognized organization violating these regulations, and further disciplinary action may be taken. All students and recognized organizations should be aware that any person who causes an alarm to be set off for improper purposes is liable for the expenses incurred by fire departments responding to the alarm.

Overnight Use of Campus Grounds and Facilities

Overnight use of Dartmouth College grounds and non-residential facilities is prohibited.  Impermissible uses include encampments and other uses that would facilitate the continuous presence of an individual or group of individuals on college grounds or within non-residential facilities.  Exceptions to this policy may only be granted by the Office of Conferences and Events, and will be granted in limited circumstances.  In deciding whether to grant an exception, the duration of the event, the safety of community members ( including event organizers), the potential for disruption to the community, and the likelihood of damage to college property may be considered.  This policy does not apply to cabins or similar facilities operated by Dartmouth's Outdoor Programs Office (OPO).  Use of OPO facilities must be approved by that office, pursuant to established policies and procedures.

Sporting Events

Unauthorized presence in reserved, restricted, and/or posted areas, or on athletic playing surfaces, tracks, or sidelines, is prohibited.

Unauthorized Entry

Unauthorized entry into or presence in closed and/or posted College buildings or areas will result in an automatic $100 fine and may subject an individual or recognized organization to further disciplinary action. Access to private rooms or offices is in the control of those who live in them or use them. Unauthorized entry or presence in private rooms or offices may subject an individual or recognized organization to disciplinary action.

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Effective Date

September 1, 2015

Last Revised Date

September 1, 2015


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Facilities Operations & Management (FO&M)

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April 1, 2024

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