Campus Services Mobile Device Management Policy

Summary of Policy

To clarify rules and regulations related to use of both personal and Dartmouth issued mobile devices including I-pads, and mobile phones as it relates to their use for work.  It is not intended to cover laptop computers.

Reason for Policy

The policy is intended to promote the appropriate use of mobile devices in the work environment.

Affected Parties

All Groups

Policy Statement

In accordance with the Campus Services memorandum dated 8-27-2021, management will determine if a stipend or a Dartmouth managed mobile device is required based on job type and responsibilities.


Personal Mobile Device: Cell phone, iPad or similar device that is owned by the employee.

Dartmouth Managed Mobile Device: Cell phone, I-Pad or similar device that is owned and managed by Dartmouth College that is provided to employees to frequently assist them in completing their work. Managed mobile devices can either by shared amongst multiple employees or individually assigned.


Personal and Dartmouth Managed Devices:

Personal calls, personal texts, social media posts, playing games, surfing the internet, or other use of a cellphone or land line phone during work hours, interferes with productivity, safety and is distracting to others. In addition, in order for Campus Services staff to deliver high quality efficient service, non-emergency personal cell phone use shall be limited to breaks and lunch times.

Videotaping, taking pictures and audio recording of other employees at work without their permission is prohibited.

Dartmouth Managed Mobile Device General:

  • All mobile devices are the property of Dartmouth College.
  • Managed mobile devices are to be used for work-related matters and required applications and settings are provisioned by ITC endpoint services. CSTS. (Campus Services Technology Services) will coordinate ipads and for FO&M the Customer Relations and Logistics Department will coordinate mobile phones.
  • Devices will be issued to the appropriate Supervisor/Manager to assign to an employee and assist with maintaining an inventory and contact numbers for the device.
  • CSTS will maintain an accurate inventory of devices and maintain a replacement schedule for each device to ensure that the device can be used with the software/application as required.
  • All mobile devices will be supplied with a protective case and screen protector and charging cord.
  • Information on the devices will be managed in accordance with Dartmouth's policies on privacy.  

Dartmouth Managed Mobile Device User Responsibilities:

Regardless of whether the managed device is shared or individually assigned, the following responsibilities apply to the user:

  • Employees are responsible for exercising good judgment when using and handling mobile devices. 
  • All employees that require a mobile device to complete their work are required to always carry that mobile device while at work.
    • Exception: In the case of where an employee is issued more than one mobile device, they must a minimum carry the cell phone or a mobile device that permits verbal communication with the employee.
  • Appropriate and respectful language is to be used during all forms of communication on mobile devices consistent with Campus Services Employee Expectations.
  • Employees shall not store personal records on any managed mobile device, including credit card information, photos, personal text messages and other records to prevent unintentional loss or exposure of personal information.
  • Employees must keep managed device passcodes private, not storing them visibly, either on the device or in other obvious locations.

Response Times

  • During working hours, employees are expected to respond to received phone calls, text messages, and telephone messages when practical after receipt of the communication.
  • Work Control will only be using the Dartmouth mobile device as the means of contact for employees and not a personal mobile device during work hours.
  • If an employee encounters a dead spot where they cannot complete their work or update a work order in real time, the employee is expected to complete the work order/update in Planon as soon as there is wifi/coverage.

Use of Mobile Devices While Driving

  • Cell phones shall not be used while driving a College vehicle.
    • Exception: Employees may for work purposes only use completely hands-free cellular devices that are physically or electronically integrated into the vehicle if the driver can do so without diverting their attention from the road ahead.

Procedures for Individually Assigned Managed Mobile Devices

  • Staff are to leave their mobile devices at Dartmouth during non-working hours in their designated locked storage area. Supervisors/Managers/Directors can approve staff taking their phone home if required.
  • During planned or unplanned absences, automatic replies on mobile devices shall be forwarded to the appropriate person covering their role.
  • Staff shall clean their devices weekly at a minimum. Cleaners are not to be applied to mobile devices directly and should always be applied to a soft cloth or paper towel prior to wiping down the device. If cleaning products are needed, please contact your supervisor. 

Procedures for Shared Managed Mobile Devices:

  • Shared mobile devices should remain at work, unless approved by the Manager.
  • All shared mobile devices need to be signed in and out daily using the tracking sheet provided. The employee's name, contact information, and time signed in and out must be recorded prior to taking the device.
  • Shared devices should always be signed back in and plugged in for charging in a designated charging area at the end of the day so that the device is fully charged and ready to go for the next user. The user that signed out the device last is responsible for charging the device.
  • Any apps opened by an individual using a shared mobile device must be signed in to and signed out of by that individual prior to returning/charging the phone or passing along to another employee.
  • Email shall be accessed through the web interface (BWA) to the individual's Outlook account.
  • All shared mobile devices should be cleaned by the user prior to charging the phone at the end of their shift or passing along the mobile device to another employee directly. Cleaners are not to be applied to mobile devices directly and should always be applied to a soft cloth or paper towel prior to wiping down the device. If cleaning products are needed, please contact your supervisor. 

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Mobile Devices

  • Employees are always accountable and responsible for their assigned mobile device(s) whether it is issued individually or a shared device in their position.
  • If a mobile device is damaged, lost or stolen, the employee is responsible for immediately contacting their supervisor.
  • The Head or Manager is to immediately notify FO&M's Administrative Assistant of a lost, stolen, or damaged mobile device.
  • Employees are to contact their Head or Manager immediately if the protective case, or similar accessory is lost or damaged and a new one is required.

Managed Mobile Device Support

  • For assistance with a malfunctioning device, contact Campus IT Support Help Desk.
  • For assistance with change requests to a device's settings or apps, contact the Campus IT Support Help Desk
  • When requesting any of the above assistance, always include the type of device and your contact information.

Personal Mobile Devices (No Stipend Issued)

  • Employees may carry a personal cell phone in addition to their Dartmouth Managed Device during work hours.
  • Dartmouth is not responsible for damage to a personal cell phone at work.

Personal Mobile Devices (Stipend Issued)

  • Employees shall carry the phone during work hours and are expected to properly care for their phone.
  • Dartmouth is not responsible for damage to phones while at work, supplying protective covers, charging cords or other accessories.

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Effective Date

May 6, 2024

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May 6, 2024


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May 6, 2024

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