Dartmouth Hall Exterior Lighting Policy

Affected Parties

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Policy Statement

The Dartmouth Hall Façade lighting primary purpose is to compliment the exterior of this iconic campus building. The façade may be lit with custom lighting for institutional events and approved requests by recognized Dartmouth departments and groups.

Steps to reserve Dartmouth Hall lighting

  • All requests must be made through the Office of Conferences and Events at least two weeks prior to the event date. The request is reviewed, and you will be notified of approval or denial.
  • If approved a chart string is required to schedule the lighting. 
  • Any programming (including design time) labor will be charged to the chart string.
  • The number of days specialty lighting will be allowed is at the discretion of the office of Conferences and Events. Typically, it will be one night but may be extended up to one week.
  • Prior to the night of the event, time at night in advance may be required with the requester onsite to confirm the lighting design. If time is required and the requester cannot participate, the event may not be scheduled.

Policy ID


Effective Date

February 9, 2023



Office of Primary Responsibility

Conferences and Events

Last Reviewed Date

February 9, 2023