Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers on campus

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Effective Date

Friday, November 16, 2018


Campus Services

Office of Primary Responsibility

Transportation Services

Summary of Policy

This policy defines the valid use of electrical charging stations located on the Dartmouth College campus and processes for acquiring, locating, and installing EV charging stations.

Reason for Policy

Dartmouth plans for the installation of public electric vehicle charging stations in a responsible manner, and manages installed public EV charging stations with monitoring and parking charges to enable fair customer access and defray associated operating and maintenance costs.

Affected Parties

All Groups

Policy Statement

  • Dartmouth campus charging stations are open for public use (see Exceptions and Exclusions section below).
  • Charging stations located on the Dartmouth campus are considered as a publicly available convenience that does not replace home charging as the primary charging source.
  • Stations will be of a type to charge enrolled account holders and one time users a parking fee by time, with a maximum stay at a rate established by Transportation Services and posted at each EV charging station. After maximum stay parking rate escalations will ensue to encourage space turnover and enable fair access.
  • Parking in electric vehicle charging stalls is restricted to vehicles plugged in for charging. Vehicles must be actively charging when parked in a charging station stall. Those in violation will be subject to enforcement action. Applicable rules and regulations shall be posted at each EV charging station location.
  • Dartmouth assumes no responsibility or liability for damage to vehicles using EV charging stations.
  • EV charging station stalls may be closed for special event parking, maintenance and construction
  • Use of random electric outlets on the Dartmouth campus for EV charging not identified as an EV charging station is strictly prohibited.
  • Transportation Services shall be the clearinghouse for EV charging station requests. EV charging station acquisition, location and installation decisions shall be coordinated by Transportation Services, made in close consultation with the Offices of Planning, Design and Construction; Sustainability; and Facilities Operation and Management.
  • With new parking lot construction, or the significant reconstruction and/or expansion of existing parking lots, the project shall budget to add 1 metered EV space when there are 50-99 parking spaces in the lot and 2 metered EV spaces when there are 100 or more parking spaces in the lot, with associated costs up to $12,000 for a unit with metered dual port charging capability.

Exclusions & Exceptions

Campus and Transportation Services approved EV charging stations located on the Dartmouth campus and marked "not for public use" are installed solely for the purpose of charging Dartmouth fleet vehicles.

Other exceptions to this policy may be made pending the review and approval of the Associate Vice President of Business & Hospitality.