Lost, Stolen, or Damaged ID Card

Summary of Policy

This policy specifies charges and processes associated with lost, stolen or damaged ID cards.

Reason for Policy

This policy is intended to protect student privileges and access to buildings that is available through the ID card. 

Affected Parties

All Groups

Policy Statement

All students and employees of Dartmouth College receive an official ID card through which certain services (including dining plans, checking out library books, etc.) and access to buildings are electronically provided. 

This policy specifies charges and processes associated with lost, stolen or damaged ID cards.

Lost Cards

Students who lose their ID cards are charged as follows, per academic year:

$25 for the first- and second-time replacement
$50 for the third-time replacement and any additional replacements
Charges are applied to the student's Administrative Fees & Fines account held with the Dartmouth Card Office.

Employees are charged $10 per lost card.

Stolen Cards 

The Card Office will waive any replacement charge for a stolen ID if the student presents a copy of the Safety & Security report that lists the ID card as a stolen item. Otherwise, the same charges apply as for lost cards.

Damaged Cards

There is no charge for damaged cards, except in the case of intentional damage to the card. Cards that experienced normal wear and tear are replaced at no charge. The damaged card must be returned to the Card Office, and we must be able to verify that the card is the student's current card. Otherwise, we must consider the card as lost and subject to lost card charges.

For your protection, once a card is replaced, it cannot be reactivated. A new card must be reissued. If you find the original card and lose the replacement card, the original card cannot be used. You should bring the original card to the Card Office and they will issue a replacement. Because the activated card is lost, in this situation, the replacement card will be subject to the same charge as for lost cards.

Replacement ID cards may be obtained at the Dartmouth Card Office.

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Effective Date

August 29, 2016

Last Revised Date

January 18, 2021


Finance & Administration

Office of Primary Responsibility


Last Reviewed Date

August 29, 2016

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