Parking Regulations

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A policy outlining Dartmouth College's parking regulations.

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2. Carpooling/Vanpooling/Shuttle Service

Individuals are encouraged to carpool, vanpool, or use other alternative means of transportation. Reserved parking spaces for carpools and vanpools can be designated by contacting Parking & Transportation Services (ext. 6-2340).

Registering for peripheral parking lots is free. Individuals who park here may ride the shuttle bus, which runs Monday through Friday. A schedule is available from Parking & Transportation Services, bus drivers, or the town offices.

3. Vehicle Registrations

All faculty and employees wishing to use Dartmouth parking facilities must register their vehicles with the Parking & Transportation Services Office. There is a fee involved, which can be payroll deducted for regular/full-time employees. Second and third shift employees must register (no charge).

All students bringing motor vehicles to Hanover must register these with the Parking & Transportation Services Office located at McKenzie Hall. There is a $50.00 fine for any student failing to register for campus lots or for off-campus parking (Note: A-lot registration must be renewed each term). There is a fee for parking in college lots; there is no charge to register for off-campus parking (i.e. fraternities, sororities, private homes).

Registration permits must be affixed to the front driver's side and right rear bumpers of the vehicle. DO NOT place over expired decal. (Parking & Transportation Services regular office hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.)

4. Parking Areas and Use

  • A. Lots are restricted for use by signs at entrance indicating the type of permit required.
  • B. Visitor spaces are clearly marked and are off-limits to students, student guests, faculty and employees.
  • Visitors must obtain temporary permits from the Parking & Transportation Services Office located at McKenzie Hall, Ext. 6-2340.
  • C. All handicap, handicap accessways and reserved spaces are clearly marked and off-limits to all except the vehicles(s) described on the sign.
  • D. Student vehicles are not allowed to park on campus between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • E. Short-term parking (15-minute limit) to do College business and to load and unload vehicles will be allowed only when accompanied by the use of emergency flashers. This does not include parking in fire lanes or entrances to buildings, or blocking sidewalks and roadways.

5. Signs

Official posted signs determine the use of all parking areas. Areas not marked are "no parking" areas.

6. Violations

  • A. Unregistered vehicles.
  • B. Parking in any unauthorized area (i.e., no permit, improper or incorrect permit, reserved or handicapped spaces when inapplicable, etc.).
  • C. Parking at any time, including Saturday and Sunday on Tuck Mall, Tuck Circle, Tuck Drive, River Cluster Dorms, Wheelock Cluster Dorms, lawns, fire lanes, delivery entrances, special areas and other than designated parking areas.
  • D. Failure to display decals on both bumpers or front and back windows of the vehicle.
  • E. Failure to display visitor or carpool windshield card.
  • F. Parking in areas restricted to carpool permit holders only.
  • G. Securing or using a parking permit through misrepresentation or fraud.
  • H. Student vehicle parking on campus between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • I. Temporary (15-minute limit) parking without accompanying flashers.

7. Penalties

  • A. Faculty and Employees: First violation constitutes a warning; second violation--$10.00 fine; each subsequent violation--$20.00 fine. Tows and immobilizers--$100.00.
  • B. Students $25.00 and $50.00 fines for selected core areas.  Tows and immobilizers--$100.00
  • C.  Parking in handicap spaces and Fire Lanes $100.00.

The following are $50.00 fines: Mass Row, Mass Lot, Butterfield (including adjacent spaces on Old Tuck Drive), Tuck Mall, Tuck Circle, Clement, Lodge, Gym, Topliff, New Hampshire, Dartmouth Row, Richardson, Fayerweather Hill, and the Observatory Lots.

Students who have accumulated two citations during the registration year July 1-June 30, will be fined $100 for each subsequent violation in core areas and $50 for all other areas.

Towing and Immobilization will be done at the owner's expense. The college reserves the right to revoke any individual's campus parking privileges. The parking permit, which consists of two decals, remain the property of the College and is to be entirely removed and returned to the Parking & Transportation Services Office upon revocation. The permit holder expressly gives the College permission to remove or destroy such decals found on vehicles parked on campus after the individual's privileges have been revoked. Misappropriation of decals will result in a $75.00 fine. Student vehicles may be impounded for abuse of these regulations at the discretion of the Office of Business Affairs.

8. Enforcement: Fines

  • A. Faculty and Employees: Fines may be paid in person or mailed to the Parking & Transportation Services Office at McKenzie Hall (Hinman Box 6111). If not paid within 30 days, fines will be billed.
  • B. Students: DA$H Administrative Accounts will be billed.

Fines may be paid in person or mailed to the Parking & Transportation Services Office at McKenzie Hall. (Hinman Box 6111)

9. Appeals

  • A. Faculty and Employees: Individuals who feel that a fine has been improperly imposed may submit a written appeal to the Parking & Transportation Services Office in College Hall within fourteen (14) days of the violation. If necessary, further questions will be resolved by the Parking Appeals Committee.
  • B. Students: Undergraduate and Graduate students wishing to appeal must submit written appeals within fourteen (14) days of the violation to be acted upon by the Parking & Transportation Services Office. No appeal will be accepted after fourteen (14) days from the date of the violation. (Note: Certain violations may not be appealed.)

10. Winter Parking

Personal vehicles may not be left overnight in Campus lots between November 1st and April 1st, including weekends.

11. Disclaimer

Dartmouth College assumes no liability for damage to vehicles while parked in lots. For example, thaws during the winter season can cause ice to fall from College building roofs. Please consider this hazard when parking.


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January 1, 1995


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