Rollins Chapel Usage Policy

Summary of Policy

Rollins Chapel is a sacred space and is open, accessible, and quiet for a portion of each weekday to accommodate individuals or groups practicing personal devotions, prayer, and meditation. This policy outlines the permitted usage of the chapel.

Affected Parties

All Groups

Policy Statement

Rollins Chapel at Dartmouth College is a place for worship, prayer, meditation, religious experiences, religious rites, and ceremonies (such as weddings, commitment ceremonies, funerals, memorial services, bar/bat mitzvahs, baptisms, child dedications). It is a sacred space and is open, accessible, and quiet for a portion of each weekday to accommodate individuals or groups practicing personal devotions, prayer, and meditation. Rollins houses a Hindu temple with a vigraham of Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge. The Chapel may also be used for classes, practices, and appropriate Dartmouth and Community events.

The Chapel is not available for events of a strictly social nature such as parties, dances, receptions, meals, or any event which conflicts with or contradicts the religious nature of the space.

Priority is given to activities in the order listed below:

1.  Worship and prayer (services and religious rites, religious experiences).

2.  Weddings, commitment ceremonies, funerals and memorial services.

3.  William Jewett Tucker Center sponsored events and programs.

4.  Music classes and practice.

5.  Hopkins Center sponsored events.

6.  Appropriate College events not sponsored by Hopkins Center.

7.  Appropriate Community events may be requested three months in advance of the date.

Decisions on the use of Rollins Chapel are made by the College Chaplain.

Wedding Policy

  • Persons with an affiliation to Dartmouth College (see below) may reserve the Chapel up to a year in advance for a wedding.
  • Unaffiliated persons may reserve the Chapel up to six months in advance for a wedding.
  • One rehearsal for a wedding is permitted.
  • Rehearsals should be one hour in length and will not exceed one and one half hours.
  • Weddings generally will take place during the weekends and are scheduled in three-hour blocks. Total access time must include all set up (e.g. florist, sound), arrival and departure, the ceremony, and any photography.

Funerals and Memorial Service policy

  • Persons with an affiliation to Dartmouth College (see below) may reserve the Chapel for a funeral or memorial service
  • Funerals and memorial services will generally take place on weekdays
  • Should be scheduled two hours in length and must be no longer than two and one half hours. This includes time for the guests to arrive, the service itself and clean up.
  • One hour long rehearsal per funeral or memorial service for a guest organist/pianist may be requested.
  • There is no charge for the use of the facility for a current student or current Dartmouth employee.

The definition of those considered affiliated with Dartmouth College for the purpose of weddings, funerals, and memorial services is as follows:

  • Current Dartmouth College students and/or their spouses/partners
  • Current, retired, or emeriti Dartmouth employees (faculty, administration, staff, service and union) and/or their spouses/partners
  • Dartmouth College Alumni and/or their spouses/partner
  • Current or former members of the Dartmouth College Board of Trustees and/or their spouses/partners
  • Any member of the immediate family of a sitting president at Dartmouth.

Fees and Charges for the Use of Rollins Chapel: 

  • Affiliated wedding usage fee = $400
  • Unaffiliated wedding usage fee = $1,000
  • Current student or Dartmouth employee memorial = no charge
  • Affiliated memorial = $200
  • Unaffiliated memorial = $500
  • Additional fees for any direct expenses including but not limited to custodial, security, sound, etc. may be required and will be billed separately.
  • Student-sponsored events, Hopkins Center Ensembles and other Hopkins sponsored events, or Tucker Center events are free of charge.
  • Recognized College departments, organizations, or groups may reserve Rollins Chapel for appropriate uses free of charge.
  • Worship and prayer services of recognized College groups are free of charge.
  • Use of Organ - Fee for use of the chapel does not include use of the organ. Inquire for policies and fees.

In cases of financial exigency, a waiver or reduction of building charges can be determined by the College Chaplain.

Persons wishing to make offerings and contributions, in addition to fees and honoraria, are welcome to do so. Checks may be made payable to the Tucker Center at Dartmouth College.

Steps For Reserving The Chapel:

1.  For students, student groups, and college-affiliated groups:

a.  Contact the Tucker Center at or at 646-3780.

b.  Your request will be reviewed by the College Chaplain, and you will be notified of approval or denial.

c.  You are responsible for making logistical arrangements and following these policies.

2.  For persons not affiliated with Dartmouth College:

a.  Contact the Conferences and Events Office

b.  Conferences and Events will consult with the College Chaplin for approval.

c.  If your event is approved, you will work with the Conferences and Events to complete contracting.

General Policies:

  • Officiates at Rollins Chapel: The College Chaplain and their associates are available to officiate at weddings and/or funerals or memorial services. Ministers, priests, rabbis, and Imams of recognized religious bodies are welcome to conduct weddings, funerals, or memorial services. An authorized Justice of the Peace may officiate weddings. 
  • Singing and Instrumental Group Rehearsals: One rehearsal of no more than four hours may be scheduled per event/concert. All other requests for rehearsals must be approved by the Chaplain.
  • The College Chaplain and Director of the Tucker Center is responsible for the interpretation and implementation of Chapel policies and scheduling. The Chaplain may confer with the Provost as needed on these matters.
  • The office of Conferences and Events (646-2923) provides contracting and logistical coordination for events. Please contact them directly with questions.
  • There will be no events scheduled during the June Commencement and Reunions period, other than those affiliated with Commencement and Reunions.
  • There will be no events scheduled during the Dartmouth College winter holiday break.

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October 6, 2022



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Conferences and Events

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May 24, 2023

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