Use of the College Green and Campus Grounds

Summary of Policy

This policy outlines the process and rules for reserving the Dartmouth Green and campus grounds.

Affected Parties

All Groups

Policy Statement

The College Green and campus grounds are reserved primarily for informal use, including rallies and other assemblies, by students, faculty, staff, and guests of the College. Other events and activities will be limited to those staged primarily for the Dartmouth community and sponsored by College-recognized organizations and College departments.

The College Green, virtually unchanged since Dartmouth's founding in 1769, continues to serve its historic role at the center of the campus as a special place both for the casual use by members of the Dartmouth community and for a limited number of traditional events (Homecoming Bonfire, Winter Carnival sculpture, the Native American PowWow, Green Key, Commencement, the Town/College Fourth of July celebration, and the Summer Carnival). In order both to avoid undue interference with informal use of the Green and to preserve its condition, the number of other events and activities that will be permitted on the Green will be limited in number and duration (generally, no more than six hours) and may not occur during the four weeks preceding Commencement. All events on the Green (including the traditional events listed above) must honor or otherwise involve an educational, co-curricular or cultural program at Dartmouth, be open to and be intended to benefit the entire Dartmouth community, not involve vendors or other commercial activity, and comply with the college's alcohol policy.

All events and activities on the College Green and campus grounds other than informal use may be permitted only upon application to, and approval of, the Conferences and Special Events office and, if necessary, the Town of Hanover. Any such application should include a description of the plans for the event or activity, including the date, time, location, type of activities involved (including any vending proposed to be done by a College department or organization), and any proposed temporary structures. The Conferences and Special Events office will book approved events/activities on the College calendar, coordinate them with the Town of Hanover, and provide set-up assistance and guidance, if required.

The following rules will apply:

  • Permitted vehicle use will be limited to designated walks and drives only.
  • Stakes may not be driven into the ground without approval from Facilities Operations and Management (to avoid damaging underground utilities and sprinkler lines).
  • With the exception of the Homecoming bonfire, the Christmas tree, the Winter Carnival sculpture, and any structures needed for Commencement and PowWow ceremonies, temporary structures, including tents, will not be allowed on the Green. The Director of Facilities Operations and Management can grant exceptions to this policy under special circumstances and for prescribed periods of time. Temporary structures elsewhere require written approval of the Conferences and Special Events office. Such temporary structures, other than tents, must comply with the Town of Hanover zoning setback regulation. The plans for all permitted temporary structures must be reviewed and approved in advance by the Conferences and Special Events office.
  • Cost for set-up, clean-up and any repairs of damage shall be borne by the sponsoring organization or department.
  • Intramural activities and club sports may not use the Green or other lawn areas at any time. Recreation fields for these activities are located at the following fields: Chase, Sachem, and Garipay. These areas are booked through the Athletic Department. Cleated athletic shoes are not permitted on the Green or other College lawns.
  • Glass containers are not permitted.
  • Vending and other commercial activity by College departments and organizations may be permitted on grounds other than the Green at the discretion of the Conferences and Special Events office. Except in special circumstances involving outdoor space controlled and managed by individual departments (for example, the Athletic and Recreation Department), no other commercial activity is permitted on grounds of the College.



Violation of this policy may subject an individual or recognized organization to disciplinary action.

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July 1, 2015

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September 11, 2017



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Conferences and Events

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May 24, 2023

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