Use of Dartmouth Facilities

Summary of Policy

This policy applies to the use of classrooms and other College facilities, including associated fees, reservation procedures, and conditions for rental.

Affected Parties

All Groups

Policy Statement

The following regulations apply to the use of classrooms and other College facilities, including associated fees, reservation procedures, and conditions for rental by affiliated organizations, individuals, and unaffiliated organizations.

Scheduling Events and Reserving Facilities

College-affiliated and outside organizations and individuals interested in scheduling an event on campus should first contact the Conferences and Events office, 646-2923, to discuss scheduling (including avoiding conflict with other College events) and availability of appropriate facilities. When appropriate, the Conferences and Events office will coordinate event planning with other offices that have special scheduling responsibilities for facilities in their areas (for example, the Athletic Department and the Hopkins Center).

Use by Affiliated Organizations


Dartmouth College classrooms, which are primarily used for academic purposes, are controlled by the Registrar during regular school hours. This covers the time period 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, during the academic terms.

In addition to being used for regularly scheduled academic activities, the classrooms, as well as other facilities, are available for use by conferences, continuing education, recognized student groups, departments and organizations of the College, during term breaks, after regular class hours, and when not used for classes during academic hours, through the Conferences and Events office, 646-2923.

NOTE: Food or drink are not permitted in the classrooms.

Other Facilities

There are some facilities which maintain more restrictive policies than the general College policy, as listed below:

Athletic Facilities

All athletic facilities are booked by the Athletic Department and are used primarily for athletic teams, intramurals, fitness classes, and related College activities.

Alumni Gym, Leverone Field House, and Berry Sports Center

During the off-season, these facilities have limited availability and may be booked through the Conferences and Events office, by approval of the Athletic Department, for College functions or to outside groups, when appropriate.

Collis/Robinson/53 Commons

All Collis, Robinson, and 53 Commons spaces are booked through Collis Reservations. Collis, as a student center, devotes priority use of its facility to recognized student groups. Other College groups and departments are accommodated as space permits. During academic terms, the Collis Center is not available for use by outside groups.

Hopkins Center

Spaulding Auditorium, Moore Theater, and Warner Bentley Theater are used extensively by Hopkins Center programs and are seldom available for other uses. Any other use must be for programs for which no admission is charged. Faculty Lounge at the Hop can be reserved through the Conferences and Events office (C&E) and its use must involve the sponsorship and presence of a faculty member. The Top of the Hop and Alumni Hall are public function rooms that can be reserved by any student organization with a Dartmouth organization chart string. These two function rooms can be reserved through the Hop's Facilities Manager or C&E. A policy form must be signed by the student organization representative. All facility setups are arranged through C&E.

McLane Family Lodge

The McLane Family Lodge is the base lodge for skiing at the Dartmouth Skiway, Lyme, NH, located approximately 12 miles from Campus. This facility may be reserved by Blitzing Peter Riess or Doug Holler or calling 795-2143. A space rental fee is required for the Lodge which has an occupancy capacity of up to 400 people. Contact the Skiway for rental rates. Students who use this space must also arrange and pay for Safety and Security staff and comply with all College policies, such as using buses for transportation. A damage deposit may be required. Pertinent information about the McLane Family Lodge can be found at

Rockefeller Center

Space in the Rockefeller Center is principally devoted to Center programs and to faculty in the Social Sciences and public policy-related programs. Students may study in Hinman Forum, Morrison Commons, Rockefeller 1, 2, 3, 208 and 209, when they are not in use. Faculty and students from College-recognized organizations can schedule these spaces with the Conferences and Events office, 646-2923, for academic programs and public affairs events that are open to the community.

Rollins Chapel

Chapel is used for religious services of all kinds. It is not available for events that are strictly social or conflict with or contradict the religious nature of the space. The number of concerts which can take place there has been strictly limited and must be approved well in advance by the Tucker Foundation. Faculty and students from College-recognized organizations can schedule the Chapel with the Conferences and Events office, 646-2923.

Tom Dent Cabin

The Cabin may be reserved by either students or College departments on a first-come, first-served basis by contacting Collis Reservations.

Rental of Certain Facilities to Individuals and Unaffiliated Organizations

Dartmouth College rents certain campus facilities to organizations not affiliated with the College, and to individuals, under the following terms and conditions:

Facilities Available for Rental

The following facilities are available for rental by individuals and non-affiliated organizations on an as-available basis at the rates indicated for 2012-2013:

Facility Daily Rate Seating Capacity
Alumni Hall(#) $700 240 dinner, 400 theater style
Cook Auditorium $580 327
DOC House (**) $350 45-60
McLane Family Lodge Please call for current rates. (Plus buses and Safety and Security) 400
Rollins Chapel (*) $350 600
Smoyer Lounge (+)   80
Tom Dent Cabin (++) $150 40
Top of the Hop (#) $400 80 theater style

(*) For religious services and musical concerts only.

(#) Food and beverage service only by Hanover Inn.

(**) Food and beverage service only by Dartmouth approved caterers or Hanover Inn.

(+) For rates and other information about these and other Athletic Department facilities, call 646-3654.

The foregoing rates cover only basic operational costs (heat, water, lights, and routine housekeeping). Additional direct fees are charged for rental and delivery of extra equipment, public address facilities, security, and custodial coverage as requested or needed. Rates for rental of chairs, tables, chalkboards, and other equipment and facilities are available upon request.


To obtain information regarding availability of facilities for rental and to make reservations, contact the Conferences and Events , or 646-2923. It is advised that you first fill out the reservation form found on the Conferences and Events EMS. Facilities are available only if not needed for use by the College, affiliated organizations, or groups on campus through arrangements with the Conferences and Events office.

Therefore, the above facilities may not normally be reserved more than four weeks in advance for use during academic terms and reunion periods.

A facility will not be available if the date and time and/or intended use would be likely to interfere with other activities or programs of the College or would for any other reason be considered inappropriate by the College.

Conditions For Rental

Any rental of such College facilities is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • No signs, banners, posters, handouts, sound speakers, or other materials relating to the event may be placed on College property or on public ways in the vicinity of the College campus. Publicity for the event in the rented facility shall be limited to local radio, television, or newspapers of general circulation. Neither the College's internal mail system nor BlitzMail system shall be used for such purposes.
  • Any announcements and publicity relating to the event to occur in the rented facility must clearly identify the sponsoring party and must specify that neither the event nor its organizer is sponsored or endorsed by, or is affiliated in any way with, Dartmouth College. Furthermore, any use of the College's name in any such materials must be approved in advance by Conferences and Events.

Required Approval of the College

Final decision on the rental of any College facility to a non-affiliated individual or organization rests with Conferences and Events, and the College reserves the right not to rent a College facility to any individual or organization for any reason.

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September 11, 2017


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