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This policy provides information on Dartmouth's Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Plan.

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Policy Statement

Dartmouth operates under an annually updated affirmative action plan that sets forth its procedures and objectives for equal employment opportunity and affirmative action. The plan is designed to ensure fairness in the hiring process for all new employees and candidates for employment and to conform to governmental requirements. Dartmouth's affirmative action plan aims to correct the underutilization of women and minorities—where it exists—in faculty, administrative and professional, and service positions.


The office of Institutional Diversity & Equity produces the Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) each year. The AAP is submitted to the President and Board of Trustees for approval. It is also shared with deans, vice presidents and other interested parties. A copy of the AAP is also filed at Baker Library for public review.


Copies of the affirmative action plan are available at the Office of Equal Opportunity, Accessibility, and Title IX (EOATIX) in 06 Parkhurst Hall upon request.

More information on Dartmouth's affirmative action program can be found at:

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Effective Date

October 31, 2018


Office of the President

Office of Primary Responsibility

Office of Equal Opportunity, Accessibility, and Title IX (EOATIX)

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October 31, 2022

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