Approved Food Truck Provider Guidelines

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Effective Date

Saturday, October 31, 2020


Finance & Administration

Office of Primary Responsibility


Office(s) of Secondary Responsibility

Summary of Policy

Provide guidelines for employees or students who have responsibility for food truck events sponsored by the College, a division, department or recognized organization at Dartmouth and to provide guidelines to the Food Truck providers (a business/individual who prepares, delivers and who may or may not serve that food from a Food Truck).

Affected Parties

All Groups

Policy Statement


  • Any individual responsible for organizing or oversight of College events to which Food Trucks will be invited should know this policy.
  • Any individual associated with a Finance Center should know this policy.
  • Any supervisor of a sponsoring organization should know this policy.


Food trucks may provide/serve food only when they have been invited for a "Food Truck Event" by a sponsoring College department, division, or recognized organization.

The sponsoring organization must obtain a permit for the food truck to park for the Food Truck Event, specifying date, starting and end times, with parking location assigned by the Director of Transportation Services or a designee. Permit approval may be established in consultation with the Associate Director of Facilities Operations, when truck parking is best located outside of a parking lot (courtyard, lawn or sidewalk) for participant safety reasons.

Food trucks must be Approved Food Providers, meaning they meet all the Food Provider Policy requirements, including providing Procurement Services with a current Foodservice License/Kitchen Inspection and a current compliant insurance certificate.

Please note if a food truck violates these provisions, their Approved Food Provider status will be removed for six months, and they will be asked to leave or removed from campus, immediately.


Dartmouth College
Procurement Services
7 Lebanon Street, Suite 313
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: 603-646-2811

Exclusions & Exceptions

There are no exceptions.


Food truck – is a truck which brings, may prepare and serves food to locations on campus, having been invited to a Food Truck Event.

Food truck event – is a College organization/division/department- sponsored event, to which Food Truck provider(s) have been invited and hired to serve food.


Breach of this policy has the potential to put individuals at risk. Because of the serious health, safety, legal and financial ramifications of breach of this policy, violators may be subject to disciplinary steps.