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This policy describes the eligibility criteria for retiree health benefits.

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Dartmouth College
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Policy last updated:  Jan 5, 2017

Applies to: All benefits-eligible employees meeting the minimum criteria of the plan, as stated below

In addition to retirement income, benefits-eligible retired employees can elect to enroll in the Dartmouth College retiree medical plans. 

Note: The College has a right to change these benefits at its discretion. Changes can affect both new retirees and eligible retirees who have already retired before adoption of the change.

An employee will be eligible for the Dartmouth College retiree medical plans if he or she retires from a benefits-eligible position and meets the following requirements:

Rule of 55 + Ten

Employees must be at least 55 years old and have been employed for at least 10 consecutive years* in a benefits-eligible position immediately prior to retirement.

*Note: When an employee has one or more breaks in benefit-eligible service and each break is one year or less, the break(s) will be ignored when determining "consecutive" years of service, but the length of each break will not be counted as service.  An interruption in benefit-eligible service lasting more than one year will break an employee's years of consecutive service.


Employees should contact the Benefits Office in the Office of Human Resources within three months prior to their planned retirement date.  Medicare eligible employees should contact Medicare within three months prior to retiring, to enroll in Medicare Part B (and Part A, if applicable).  Enrollment in both Medicare Part A and Part B are required in order to enroll in the Dartmouth College Medicare Supplement (DCMS) and prescription drug plan.


For more detail regarding retiree benefits please contact to the Benefits Office or view the updated retiree medical plan description here:



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January 5, 2017

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January 5, 2017


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