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This policy outlines the procedures employees should take in the instance of an emergency.

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Dartmouth College
Employment Policies and Procedures
Policy last updated:  Dec 1, 2006

Applies to: All employees

Employees should dial 911 for any situation that requires immediate police, fire, or medical response.  Immediately after calling 911, employees should report the emergency to the Department of Safety and Security at (603) 646-4000. For employees located at DHMC who are in immediate need of security assistance, security can be reached by any of the following four methods: 1) activate a Duress Alarm button in your area, 2) call the hospital operator at 5555, 3) call 5-7896 during office hours or, 4) activate the Emergency Call Box (Lot 20).

Calling the Department of Safety and Security in every instance of a possible campus emergency is essential.  With prompt notification, security officers can respond promptly to the situation. They can also quickly alert other offices and individuals within the institution who need to know about campus emergencies in order to carry out their emergency-management responsibilities.

Employees who require special assistance in emergencies should review the Special Assistance Needs and Disability Emergency Building Evacuation Plan found online at: https://www.dartmouth.edu/ide/docs/specialassistanceneedsdisabilityevacuationplandraft2010.pdf


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December 1, 2006

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December 1, 2006


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December 1, 2019

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