Emeriti Status for Administrative Staff

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This policy outlines the requirements needed for a non-faculty employee to be granted Emeritus status as well as the corresponding benefits.

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Dartmouth College
Employment Policies and Procedures
Policy last updated: July 20, 2018


Emeritus status may be granted to any employee meeting the following requirements:

  • Staff who, as of their retirement date, have accumulated 20 total years of service with 10 consecutive years of service just prior to their retirement date; and
  • Have exhibited an extraordinary commitment to the College and positive institutional impact.

Emeritus status entitles the individual to the following benefits:

  • Name listed in College directories
  • A forwarding-only Dartmouth.edu email address
  • Dartmouth library system(s) access and borrowing privileges
  • Dartmouth OPO and DOC cabin reservations, under the same policies as employees

 All privileges last for the duration of the Emeriti's life.  Privileges are non-transferable and do not apply to family members.


  1. The employee's VP or Dean must submit a written, electronic request to their respective senior officer (Dean of Faculty, Provost, Executive Vice President, Senior Vice President for Advancement, or President) that the employee be granted Emeritus status.  The recommendation should include a record of the employee's employment at the College and clear examples of how their contributions have improved Dartmouth. Upon approval, the senior officer then submits a memo to the Board Secretary for inclusion in the Board's upcoming meeting materials. The Board votes on requests for Emeritus status at each meeting, as needed.  Exceptions may be granted at the President's discretion.
  2. Recommendations should be submitted to senior officers one month prior to scheduled Board meetings, as found here.
  3. Following Board meetings, the Board Secretary will send an electronic memo of confirmation to the senior officer, copying Human Resources and campus information technology, and will mail a confirmation directly to the retiring employee per U.S. post.

    VOTED: To approve the revised administrator emeritus privileges policy.
    Approved by the Dartmouth College Board of Trustees, July 20, 2018.

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July 20, 2018


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