Policy regarding spreading or interment of ashes on the Dartmouth campus

Summary of Policy

This policy outlines procedures for spreading or interment of ashes on the Dartmouth campus.

Affected Parties

All Groups

Policy Statement

All persons who wish to spread or inter ashes of a deceased person who was a member of the Dartmouth College community (student, alumnus/a, faculty, or staff) anywhere on the Dartmouth campus must have the permission of the College. Contact the Conferences and Events Office (see attached form), who will collect certain information and disseminate it to other appropriate college offices (The William Jewett Tucker Center for Spiritual and Ethical Living, Facilities Operations & Management, Department of Safety & Security, and Gift Planning). If a service at Rollins Chapel, or in other college facilities, occurs in conjunction with the disposition of ashes please note this request on the attached form as well.  

If permission is granted:

  • The spreading of ashes should occur only at the specified date, time, and place
  • No permanent markers at the place of disposition are permitted
  • If the ashes are interred, no containers are permitted
  • If a gathering of friends and family occurs in conjunction with the disposition of ashes:
    • the use of tents or other structures is not permitted
    • the use of a PA system is not permitted

Exceptions to this policy may be authorized only by the Conferences and Events office.


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Effective Date

August 3, 2023



Office of Primary Responsibility

Conferences and Events

Last Reviewed Date

August 3, 2023

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