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This policy pertains to compensation for work related travel for Dartmouth employees.

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Dartmouth College
Employment Policies and Procedures
Policy last updated: January 23, 2014


Applies to: All hourly employees (non-exempt)

Hourly employees are compensated for all worked time at their regular hourly rate. If an employee's work and travel time exceed 40 hours a week (Sunday to Saturday), he or she is eligible for overtime and will be paid at 1½ times his or her regular hourly rate. Where an employee is required to attend meals, receptions, or functions as part of an event or required program, he or she will be paid for hours worked. Time spent in training programs and lectures is paid work time.

Expenses incurred while traveling for the College, including mileage, are reimbursable.

Managers should encourage employees who often use their personal vehicle for College business to receive driver certification and rent a Vox car when appropriate.

Travel Accident Plan-Benefit

Regular eligible employees receive travel accident insurance coverage to protect them while they travel on College-related business. The employee's coverage amount varies based on his or her mode of transportation and the type of injury potentially incurred. Employees are automatically enrolled in the plan, effective on their date of hire. 


The Business Expense Policy can be found on the Finance Center Web site:

Please refer to Hours of Work and Overtime policies for hourly employees

Information on Dartmouth's driver safety program, including approved driver certification, necessary to operate College owned or leased vehicles, is located at:


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January 23, 2014

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January 23, 2014


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January 23, 2019

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